VG Testimonials


We get a lot of referral business from satisfied customers! Feel free to pass along our website information to anyone you think would be interested (adults only, please!). Below are just a few of the glowing testimonials we’ve received over the years!


“I love getting my new Main Attraction in the mail every month! It gives me something to look forward to, it saves me the trouble of going to the local video store for the movies I want, and it’s always a great movie. If I had to sort through all the new DVDs every month myself, I’d never be able to pick one!”

Mr. B. Polinto, Madison, WI


“I’ve been a VideoGold club member for three years now, and I have never had a single issue that wasn’t dealt with to my satisfaction. I also like the deals that they offer! I’ve gotten some great deals over the years.”

Mr. A. Anliss, Washington DC


“I consider myself a serious collector of erotica, as well as someone who enjoys some good raunchy fun. VideoGold has always provided me with both, and at better prices than I can find in my hometown. When I go there, I feel like a criminal. With [VideoGold] I feel like connoisseur.”

Mr. R. Davenport, Carlsbad CA


 “I was a VideoGold customer back when I was young and foolish in college and loved it, but I lost touch with them after moving so often. When I rediscovered [VideoGold] last year, I was thrilled to see that not only were they still around after all this time, they were still getting the cream of the crop of porn flicks. Count me as a very satisfied customer!”

Mr. S. Bliss, Brunswick, OH


 “My very conservative wife was always reluctant to, ahem, explore the world of erotica, but after I got a brochure for VideoGold, I was able to convince her to consider watching a few of their pre-selected movies on our “date nights”. Thanks to the VideoGold reviews, we were able to find some really good DVDs that got her really excited. I can’t thank you enough for letting her finally cut loose a little!”

Mr. B. Conway, Murfreesboro, TN


“Thank you for offering the Main Attraction feature every month. I always look forward to it arriving, because it’s like someone sent me a surprise gift of good porn!”

Ms. A. Sturdivant, Columbia, SC


“I’m in a difficult position: I’m a professional in a small town, and if I was caught near a XXX video store or with porn on my computer I’d be out of a job and probably a marriage. VideoGold is so discreet that I’ve never even once felt uncomfortable with receiving a package from you. ”

Mr. W. Bruin, Los Alamos CA


“I’m a professional woman, 36, who likes to watch well-produced sex movies. Only the local “video store” is ghastly, and they just don’t stock the kinds of movies I’m into (i.e. “quality”). Then I found VideoGold, and it was like having a private secretary screening all of the icky stuff out, and presenting me with just the good stuff. I so appreciate your club that I want to be a lifetime member!”

Ms. B. Arthur, Rocky Mount, NC