About us and VideoGold are wholly-owned subsidiaries of PHE, Inc, America’s largest adult products mail-order company.
VideoGold was launched as the first adults-only mail-order video club in 1992, designed as a way to allow the discriminating adult movie buyer to enhance their personal collections with quality products without the hassle of sorting through thousands of new releases every month.
Since then tens of thousands of XXX collectors have used VideoGold to keep up with the hottest, best, and most popular DVD releases, using trained professional reviewers to ensure high technical values and superior content quality: our people know sexy, and they spare nothing to get it to you each and every month!
With the advent of our website, and our recent re-tooling of our on-line presence, we hope to streamline the process even further. Now getting the very best in adult video entertainment delivered discretely to your door is even easier. Learn more about how our club works here.

About our Reviewers*:

Alyssa Arthur has a Masters degree in English Literature from a prestigious Ivy League university that is positively scandalized at how she’s putting her skills to work, and has a BA in Women’s Studies from an equally prestigious school in the Deep South that is, ironically, far more supportive of her trade (or at least wants her alumni dues more). She has been a reviewer and commentator on erotica for over eight years, and is currently working on her book, What Lights Our Candle: Gender-Based Disparities In American Erotica. Alyssa favors reviewing Features for VideoGold, but doesn’t shy away from a good bit of gonzo.
Ian Ironwood has a BA in Religious Studies and a MFA in Creative Writing, and has been a VideoGold Reviewer since he replaced the venerable Jack Summerstorm in early 2004 when the latter got a juicy book deal. Ian has previously published (under his real name) a New York Times Best-Selling novel, several other books, numerous articles under a variety of pseudonyms, and most recently completed for Adam & Eve The Gentleman’s Guide To Picking Up Women. Ian prefers reviewing harder-edged gonzo videos, but likes the occasional Feature if the boobs are big enough.
* Names of and specific details about our reviewers may be changed to protect their privacy.