The 8th Day

The 8th Day

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Winner Of 9 AVN Awards Including Best Video Feature!

Adam & Eve presents the best post-apocalyptic porn flick to come along in a generation! The 8th Day features the achingly gorgeous blonde sexpot Kayden Kross as the daughter of a mad scientist who puts her in suspended animation for twenty years.

When she finally awakens, one of her father’s inventions has caused civilization to fall during her long sleep and she faces a bleak post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, complete with cannibalistic barbarians, kinky leather-clad urban tribes, and wandering scavengers who scour the corpse of the city for . . . anything. It’s a desperate time and she’s in a desperate situation, but Kayden adapts quickly, becoming a favorite of the local messianic cult leader (Evan Stone) whose decrepit trading post is the last bastion of what passes for civilization.

But Kayden’s demonized father has left one last parting gift: a machine poised to wipe out the last traces of civilization, and only she can stop it – if the savages of the future will let her! The 8th Day is flush with rich production values, featuring a convincingly bleak and devastated urban hellscape against which Kayden cuts a splendid figure as she screws her way towards salvation.

As compelling as the story and the sets are, the sex is doomsday-intense! Kayden’s intial three-way scrumping with savage cannibals (played convincingly by Tommy Gunn, and Aaron Willcoxx) while still under the euphoric effects of deep sleep is spectacular, blending her airy fantasy with the gritty reality until she can no longer deny the wasteland orgy! Urban tribal chief Lilith (Jandi Lin) indulges in a kinky anal Bondage & Discipline session with a couple of hot bodied, horny slaves (Kylie Ireland & Derrick Pierce)!

The bizarre post-apocalyptic and sexually explicit retelling of the Adam & Eve tale in the temple of the cult leader is enthralling! An all-star cast, incredible directing, and brilliant special-effects make The 8th Day a porn sci-fi tour de force!

Kayden Kross, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn
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