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The Surrender Of O
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The Surrender Of O

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Over 3 Hours of LA’s Kink-Sex Enthusiasts! 2-Disc Set!
The Highly Anticipated Sequel to the Award-Winning “O: The Power of Submission”

O (Bree Olson) is back in her photo studio shooting a series of self-portraits in slave gear. Her friend Marie takes charge, giving O a taste of what she's been missing (and a good taste of her pussy, too!) since she spurned Steven. O confides to Marie that she misses the intensity of the life she had at the Hosue. Then Marie offers O the chance to return to the House on her own, where O rejoins the sorority of submissive sex slaves, some familiar, others new to her. Watch her writhe in ecstasy as she and the girls are commanded to perform one submissive erotic act after another – from licking bush to sucking cock to taking a powerful doggie-style screw! O cums alive at the return to submissive sex . . . but there’s a catch! Will she stay at the house as "one of the girls" and revel in the sweet surrender of submission to many dominants? Or will she realize that Steven was the right master for her, and that she wants to be his alone? Submissive indulgence or passionate reunion – O must surrender to one or the other! -- Ian Ironwood, Video Gold Reviewer
185 min. plus 218 min. of DVD extras.
Bree Olson
Adam & Eve Pictures
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