My Sinful Valentine

My Sinful Valentine

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Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Match?


Charlie is a programmer for an online dating service, but he’s tired of the way the algorithms work and sets couples up himself. One example is divorcee Elaine. When her son’s friend who is 20 years her junior shows up, she spreads her legs so he can bury his face in her pussy and lick her sweet clit. This leads to disaster, and Charlie is fired from his job. Hoping to make things right with sexy boss Hillary (Angela White), Charlie sets her up with Jay. Eager to have a handsome man inside her, Hillary invites him back to her house for passionate love-making and explosive orgasms. Charlie also remembers what it’s like to be with his ex-girlfriend Ashley (Naomi Swann). The feel of her mouth on his cock, and her body grinding underneath him is more than he can take. Can he make good on his past and find love for himself? 

Run Time:
126 min. plus 24 min. of DVD extras
Angela White
Mile High Media
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