Dancing Bear 25 & 26 Superpack

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Dancing Bear 25 & 26 Superpack

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Dancing Bear Pool Party!

It’s the first official Dancing Bear bachelorette pool party, and the girls are out for fun and craving cock!  Watch the bride’s incredible cocksucking escapades topped off with some hot poolside sex when the bikini-clad ladies finally lose control after a game of Marco Polo!  Then it’s Dancing Dick for the Masses when the explicit all-male revue dances for these horny women’s entertainment! But will oiled-up hunks applying whipped cream to their big dicks be enough for these desperately-seeking cocksuckers?  Or will they have to peel off their soaked panties and plant their pussies on some prick before their heads explode?

The Dancing Bear strippers are always ready to give the gift of cock at a bachelorette party! Watch the girls take turns playing with the guys’ huge hard dicks, sucking them off in public as the crowd cheers! A good time is had by all – especially the horny bridesmaid who got their fill of Dancing Bear dick! Scene Two is an extravaganza of cock sucking crazy girls as the Dancing Bear Effect takes hold! The guys came out swinging their big dicks, and the girls dare each other to see how far they’ll go in public…so of course one lucky girl takes it deep where she needs it the most!

Producer: Dancing Bear, 106 min.

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Studio: Jules Jordan Video, Morally Corrupt