The Private Gladiator DVD

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The Private Gladiator DVD

2-Disc Collector's Set
"AAAA!"–Adult Video News

Barbaric Sexual Passions Threaten Rome!
A Slave Rises To Overcome Decadent Intrigue!

Horny ancient Rome returns as pagan-era sex casts aside all rules and taboos! Hunky gladiators, beautiful girls, decadent orgies and lusty battles unfold! Togas drop for backdoor sex (5 scenes!), double-penetration (3 scenes!), lesbian lust and the most beautiful girls Europe has to offer! After smashing the barbarians, General Maximus is primed as the next Caesar, but vice and corruption enslave him, and a forbidden relationship might bring him to his knees! Filmed in 6 countries, this sex-filled Hollywood-style production features a non-stop Roman circus of 3D digital effects, wild animals and action-packed battles!

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